Bare Methodist July 31st 2014

Singing our hearts out to raise money for Christian Aid and the Church Fund.

Interested in Ladies of Note singing for your good cause?

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Christmas Concert 2012

Singing at the Ashton Hall, Christmas 2012



Green Hair at The Grand Theatre!

A good time was had by all. Never mind the green hair!



Raising Money While We Sing!

Besides enjoying singing, Ladies of Note have been raising money for a variety of causes since 2009. Some of these are listed below. If you came to a concert, we hope you enjoyed it and thank you for your contribution.

When: June 25th 2014
Where: St John's Hospice
Cause: St John's Hospice 

When: May 1st 2014
Coffee Morning -A chance to chat and raise some funds.
Raised: £258.21 Thanks to all who set it up and also those who attended.

When: April 26th
Cause: Generator for the Westmoreland County Show

When: March 2014
Cause: Bolton le Sands Community Playground Project
Raised: £408

When: May 2013
Cause: RNLI
Raised: £500      

When: April 2013
Cause: Cancer Care
Raised: £100

When: December 2012                                 
Cause: AHORP
Raised: £276.19

When: August 2012        
Cause:  Winter Gardens, Morecambe
Raised:  £24.39

When: July 2012
Cause: LGGS 6th Form Centre
Raised: £575      

When: June 2012                                                                            
Cause: Mental Health Research UK
Raised: £615      
When: June 2012
Cause: AHORP
Raised: £615

When: December 2012                                 
Cause: AHORP
Raised: £276.19

When: September 2011
Cause:  Autscape
Raised: £205

Cause: Stroke Association
Raised: £205                                      

Cause: Cats Protection League
Raised: £75

Cause: Wolfwood
Raised: £75

When: August 2010        
Cause:  Downs Syndrome Association
Raised:  £300

Cause: Play equipment (for disabled children)
Raised:  £300

When:  August 2009
Cause: Immanuel Kindergarten    

Raised: £600         

We have also sung for various other causes as part of fund raising events e.g.   

Urban Saints (afternoon tea - Slyne Memorial Hall) 

Burton in Kendal – Church roof fund

With K Shoe Choir – Rotary Club